5 trends in tourism in 2021

Published: 1. April 2021.

5 trends in tourism in 2021

Although everybody is still talking about the coronavirus, pandemics, the drop in bookings, tourists haven’t given up on travelling yet. However, it is certain that the format and manner of travel will change in 2021, and probably in the years to come as well. This is why it is important to keep track of trends and make sure you’re always a couple of steps ahead.

1 Smaller groups

People are thinking through who to go on holiday with and how to organize the trip. Although spending holidays in larger groups has its benefits, it is quite likely that this year tourists will opt for smaller groups.

2 Larger facilities

For those who do not wish to give up on travelling with friends and family, they will probably opt for larger facilities, in order to ensure enough space for everyone.

3 Returning to known locations

2021 is definitely not a year for experimenting. This is why many tourists will return to the locations they’ve already stayed at, because they have already witnessed the quality of accommodation there.

4 Flexibility

As we’ve already mentioned in our blogs, now more than ever tourists are expecting flexibility when it comes to cancelling bookings or booking alternative dates. Make sure to emphasize this possibility on your marketing platforms.

5 Modern technology and hygiene

Last year, even the most hardcore technophobes had to embrace the online life. This is why it is to be expected that the standards with regards to using modern technologies to manage properties have only gone up. On the other hand, the standards of hygiene facilities must meet have also increased.

We know, there is a lot to think about. If you don’t have enough time at your disposal to take care of everything we discussed here, don’t worry, this is what we at Molo Longo do.