What to do in Crikvenica?

Crikvenica – an exciting book aimed at everybody

One of the most picturesque towns on the Adriatic coast is the town of Crikvenica, which tells a new story each time you visit it.

Crikvenica Vinodol riviera

At the very heart of Kvarner Bay, lies the gentle coastal area called Riviera, which includes the following tourist towns: Dramalj, Jadranovo, Novi Vinodolski and Selce. It is a destination basking in sun, with a rich tourism, health and sport offer. Here, the healing sea air meets the fresh mountain one, while the herbal world makes for a unique aromatic experience. The summers are warm and dry, and the winters mild, which makes this the ideal place to visit and stay at.
The Crikvenica area was influenced by various rulers, cultures and civilisations. Today’s Riviera is the result of this rich tangible and intangible heritage, the traces of which will forever be enshrined in the remains of settlements, burial sites and dry stone walls, weapons, jewelry, construction ceramics and specific amphoras, or documents such as the Vinodolski Code. There is also the invisible history, such as barbaric curses or Paulite prayers.

Health tourism

Crikvenica is among the first towns in Croatia that developed health tourism in 19th century. With more than 2300 sunny hours per year, it is considered a highly sunny area. With the sea air that mixes with the mountain one, the gentle and healing climate, and the clear sea, Crikvenica was made for health tourism. We can easily say that Crikvenica is a harmonious health oasis – the beautiful nature, top-quality health offers from renowned health institutions, wellness and spa offers that include cosmetic treatments, all contributed to Crikvenica’s positioning as the most successful health-tourism destination in Croatia. Thalassotherapia is the oldest and largest medical institution in Crikvenica.

What to do?

Imagine happening upon one of the best and most interesting books. Its pages are full of history and scenic descriptions where tradition and modernity intertwine. You can almost feel the taste of the Mediterranean from its pages. The smell of sea and the mountain air tickle your nose. This is Crikvenica and its Riviera. An exciting book aimed at everybody: sport enthusiasts, recreational travellers, healthy life-stylers, or simply people yearning for vacation, good food, wine and entertainment. It is a book you will gladly revisit again and again. Once you step into the embrace of this worlds, you will realise that it has forever claimed you with its rich tourism offer.

Love Crikvenica, Love in Crikvenica

Are you in love, a romantic soul, or simply curious? Crikvenica Riviera is a real heaven for you, throughout the year. You probably didn’t know this, but Crikvenica has 10 special Kissing spots, designed by the Italian group 0707, which guide you through the most magical and most romantic spots on the Riviera. Love Path is a place you will surely want to walk through with your better half. Apart from being the most beautiful Crikvenica promenade, it is a symbiosis of nature and cultural-historical heritage. Not enough? Then step into the Mediterranean Labyrinth of Love. Give yourself in to the smell of bay leaf and walk the spiral stones which will fill you with positive energy and bring you luck, love, beauty, peace and tranquility. Simply, love Crikvenica, love in Crikvenica.