What to do in Rijeka?

Rijeka - art, entertainment, industry, tradition

Due to its strategic position, Rijeka has always been the city that moves, the intersection of many trading routes, where various cultural influences intertwine, and where different industries evolved. This is why the sights in Rijeka are unique for this area.

Architecture and history

If you have always dreamed of travelling through history, all you need to do is spend a couple of days in Rijeka. Walk through the Principia at Tarsatica and step onto the antic Roman forum, the cradle of modern democracy. After Antiquity, you are momentarily transported to the Middle Ages while you enter the Old Town after passing by the City Tower. The Old Town still holds the relics of medieval squares, streets and houses. If you grow tired of streets, but still wish to soak in the rich history of Rijeka, we suggest you take a walk on the beautiful Kozala Cemetery, one of the first communal graveyards in Europe. Of course, Rijeka is not only known for its historic buildings. There are also several interesting buildings from the 20th century, such as the Rijeka and Sušak skyscrapers, or the Schittar and Milcenich-Cerniak houses. Finish your sightseeing tour with a visit to the Trsat Castle and enjoy the unique view of the city.

Excursions and activities

Make the most of your stay and visit some of the islands near Rijeka: cycle through Krk Island, try the world-famous Cres Island lamb or breathe in the therapeutic air of the Island of Lošinj, filled with the scent or aromatic herbs and sea aerosols. When the fresh air opens up your appetite, drive up to Grobinšćina and visit the cultural monument Gašpar Mill, which hosts the Days of Bread in October. Finally, don’t leave before taking a walk through the Učka Nature Park.

Adventure and sports

Rijeka offers a great variety of activities and sports events. Learn to skydive, explore all the maritime promenades and bike routes, and make sure to visit the Grobnik circuit. When you get the drive to take a swim in the sea, all you need to do is choose one of the numerous city beaches (pet-friendly beaches are also available 😉).

Hidden Rijeka

Start your adventure of discovering the unique and hidden corners of Rijeka. Feel the local pulse of the city at the City Market and fish market and savour the smells of fresh produce, then go underground to the Rijeka Tunnel which was dug out by the Italian army during WWII. However, this is not where the military history of Rijeka ends – explore the ex torpedo factory and the accompanying launch station. If you find yourself in Rijeka at the beginning of the year, treat yourself to a unique experience of the world-renowned Rijeka Carnival. Apart from the parade, there are plenty of supporting events organized each year. Finally, take a look at Rijeka from another perspective – the sea. At the Rijeka pier, the Molo Longo, you can see many signs of the powerful industry tradition this city boasts (warehouses, cranes, machines), but it also offers a unique view of the city.