5 must-see places in Rijeka

Published: 26. April 2021.

5 must-see places in Rijeka

We often view Rijeka as a transit city on our way to another destination. However, we might not be aware of the numerous attractions we’re missing. The “city that flows” hides plenty of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. We bring you 5 must-see places in Rijeka.

1. Trsat Fortress

Enjoy the view of the whole Old City from this special location that used to serve as a checkpoint for travellers between the inland and the coast. You will learn new things about Rijeka’s past, and you can also fill your day by visiting a gallery or a café. During the summer, the Fortress hosts open-air concerts and theatre plays.

2. Korzo

You definitely need to visit Rijeka’s “Street no. 1”, whether you’re visiting for just a couple of hours or if you’re in Rijeka for several days. It offers a unique experience, particularly during the summer when tourists and locals intermingle on this one of a kind promenade. The terraces of cafés and restaurants are always full of life, and you can also sit back and relax on one of the benches, by the fountains or near the City Tower. The liveliest place in Rijeka during the day and night is definitely the Korzo.

3. Ploče Beach

In the summer months, don’t forget to visit some of the beaches in Rijeka. We know that beaches are not the first sight that come to your mind when you think of Rijeka, but give us a chance. We recommend the Ploče Beach that is located near the Kantrida pool complex. Plenty of amenities such as water basketball, beach volleyball, and cafés and restaurants make this beach a local favourite. We should also mention that the beach bears the Blue Flag certificate.

4. Učka

Even if you are not a hiking enthusiast, trust us, the view from the top of Mount Učka (1396 metres) is worth the effort. The Učka Nature Park is a true treasure trove – don’t miss it!

5. Peek & Poke Museum

We guarantee that this unique museum of old computers and computer technology will catapult you right to childhood. The museum is also known as “Childhood Museum”, and now you know why – definitely a warm recommendation.