7 things that will ensure perfect reviews

Date 2. July 2021.

How many times have you forgotten to bring something with you on holiday? You packed everything on time, checked the suitcase twice, and when you arrived to your destination, you realised you forgot your tooth brush/charger/glasses. If you are in the renting business, trust us, these small things will ensure not just perfect reviews, but extreme customer loyalty.
1. Charger adapter

Guests from the UK, USA and Australia will particularly appreciate it if your apartment or villa has a charger adapter. It is one of the things guests most often forget to bring, and with this it will be simple for you to ensure a carefree holiday for them. The prices of adapters are really not that high, and your guests will be thrilled.

2. Toothbrushes and toothpaste

We don’t want our guests to start the day with the realisation that they don’t have a toothbrush or toothpaste. A small investment for you, a lot of joy for them. A 5-star review guaranteed!

3. Slippers

Make your guests feel as if they were in a spa hotel and win over their hearts. Trust us, when they see the slippers, and during the warmer season flip-flops will do, they will be over the moon.

4. Children’s toys

Imagine how much respect you will get from parents whose children found some paper and crayons in your apartment or villa and entertained themselves with it for half an hour, while the parents drank their coffee in peace. You can rest assured that you will be seeing these guests again!

5. Sleeping masks
Make sure that your guests get a good night’s sleep with sleeping masks. We recommend that you add your logo to strengthen your brand.
6. Post cards

Do you think nobody sends post cards any more? You would be surprised to learn how many people still care for this tradition. Leave a dozen of post cards for your guests to chose from and enjoy the praises you will receive. P.S. You can also add your logo to the post cards and make sure that the recipients also learn of you. Neat, right?

7. Sewing set
Accidents happen to everyone, but they are particularly frustrating when we’re on holiday and don’t have all our usual things at hand. Therefore, help your guests feel almost at home. You can’t go wrong with a sewing set, even if they don’t use it – the mere fact that they saw it was at their disposal already ensured a great review for you.
It’s the little things that make life better. Make your guests’ holiday better as well, ensure great reviews and increase guests’ return rates. If you need additional advice on tourism property management, Molo Longo is here for you.