The importance of interior design in tourism and the trends in 2021

Published: 1. April 2021.

The importance of interior design in tourism and the trends in 2021

People are naturally drawn to aesthetically pleasing forms. Although it is hard to define “beauty” because we all know the old proverb that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it can still be said that most people today see as beautiful those things that are popular. Let us therefore check the trends in interior design in tourism facilities.

Guests must feel at home

There is a lot of small details such as a soft blanket over the L-shaped sofa, a cute newspaper stand – the little things that will make the guest feel at home. The space must look as if someone is living in it, and details such as a unique vase, carefully chosen painting or a nice carpet will surely help. The living room filled with warm, pleasing colours should definitely invite the guests to rest and relax.

The focus is on the guest and they must be aware of that

Show your guests that you want them to have a pleasant time at your facility and create nice memories there. For example, you can set up a “technology” corner with chargers for cell phones, information on the Wi-Fi system and instructions on using the air-conditioning. Likewise, emphasize all of the things you’ve spent time and money on – let the guest know how much you care about their comfort. You can leave a leaflet with information about the mattress and pillows, and instructions on the proper sleeping positions so that your guests would get plenty of sleep.

Interior design and art

Promote your local painter or sculptor in your facility. The guests will surely appreciate such effort, and on the other hand, you will help promote an artist.

Work from home

We won’t talk about the pandemics now, we know you’re tired of hearing about it, but the fact is that the world has changed greatly. As all industries, the tourism industry simply had to adapt to these changes. A lot of people is still working from home, i.e. from their apartments or hotel rooms. Make sure your guests have at their disposal everything they need to make working from your facility as easy and pleasant as possible.

Interior design is particularly important during the preparation for the upcoming tourism season. If you need help with renovation or interior design, the Molo Longo team is here for you.