Using interior design to achieve better prices

Published: 28. May 2021.

Using interior design to achieve better prices

At times when tourism literally stopped due to the coronavirus pandemics, and renters are fighting for every tourist, it is more important than ever to meet all the criteria for a good season, but also the preseason and postseason. One of these criteria, if not the most important one, is the way your accommodation unit is decorated, i.e. its interior design. We bring you several advice on how you can freshen up your space and achieve better prices with a minimal budget.

1. Add plants

Now you’re probably thinking how you already have plants in your apartment or holiday house.
Add more!
Apart from decorating the space, plants are proven to enhance people’s mood.
One of such plants is ivy, which also has excellent air purification characteristics and is easy to maintain because it doesn’t require a lot of water or light.

2. Paint the walls

Be brave, there are other colours apart from white and dirty white.
Guest are looking for something that is different from what they have at home – treat them to some real change.
Fluorescent yellow kitchen wall? Excellent!
Black bedroom wall? Sounds brave!

3. Put up paintings/more paintings

Contact your local artist and offer to exhibit their work in your apartment or holiday house.
And who says paintings need to be framed?
Let you imagination run wild, we are sure you won’t regret it.

4. Carpets

Why have only one carpet when you can have four?
Joking aside, try to fill out the hallway or lobby with various small carpets.
We are sure the space will look fresher and more fun.

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