7 reasons for visiting Zadar this summer

Date 14. July 2021.

At the heart of the Adriatic coast lies this interesting Dalmatian city that offers the perfect balance of tradition and modernity. If you are arriving from the mainland, Zadar is the first stop after Velebit Mountain – a touch of the Mediterranean climate and the first scent of the sea. You will be charmed by the natural beauties of this town, particularly the world-famous Zadar sunset that even thrilled Alfred Hitchcock. We are bringing you 7 locations in Zadar that you simply must visit.

  1. Unique blend of urban installation and historical heritage

Only a couple of hundreds of metres lies between the largest Roman forum in Croatia and the unique installation sea organs and the Greeting to the Sun. After a walk through the forum and the magnificent church of St. Stošija that brings the dash of ancient history, continue straight to the Riva and enjoy the memorable music of the sea and the spectacular light show made by the Greeting to the Sun.

  1. Crystal clear sea and beaches in the very city

It is not often that you get the opportunity to take a swim at the crystal-clear sea at the very city. For example, the Kolovare Beach will thrill you with amenities for the whole family, as well as its cafés by the sea. Outside of the city centre, you can enjoy the sea breeze and the wonders of the famous Borik Beach overlooking Ugljan island.

  1. Maraschino liqueur

Authentic Zadar liqueur whose original recipe dates back to the 16th century is made from Dalmatian Maraska sour cherry and its young branches. Don’t miss a taste of this delicious liqueur, is possible on a terrace overlooking the sea and the unique Zadar sunset.

  1. Zadar is surrounded by 300 islands

If the first three reasons didn’t convince you to visit Zadar, this one will definitely make you visit it soon. There are 150 islands in the Zadar island group, and if we add Kornati, this number rises to 300. One of the most famous islands is the hear-shaped Galešnjak island. Here’s an idea for your next Valentine’s Day trip.

  1. Gastronomy that wins everyone’s taste buds

From Dalmatian prosciutto, Nin šokol, local olive oil and asparagus, all the way to top quality local wine – Zadar offers something for everybody. Dalmatian cuisine is typical Mediterranean one – based on natural ingredients, seafood and, most importantly, simplicity.

  1. Millennium Jump

If you happen to be in Zadar in July, make sure to participate in the unique jump from the Zadar Riva. This action is organised once a year and usually has more than 3000 participants. The proceedings form the entrance fee are used for humanitarian or ecological purposes.

  1. Ride with the Barkajols

Experience the 3000-year-old tradition and give yourself in to the expert hands of Barkajols who will readily transfer you from the mainland to the Peninsula no matter the weather conditions.

Of course, Zadar is much more than just a list of attraction – you must really experience, feel and touch it yourselves. Afterwards, you will keep going back.