We are completely engaged in ensuring high cleaning standards and accommodation maintenance, with the goal of preventing the spread of the virus. You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

We use cleaning methods and preparations which eliminate potential sources of infection on most frequently used surfaces. We use only non-abrasive and efficient preparations, and we use different cleaning kits in each part of the accommodation. Our cleaning process includes disinfecting the bedding, which is placed and closed in bags upon arrival. After washing at the appropriate temperature, we bring it back into the accommodation, also in closed bags. We clean the following surfaces: – doorknobs and window handles; – handrails on stairs, entrance corridors etc.; – circuit breakers; – handles and outer surfaces of furniture; – refrigerator and washing machine handles, and handles on other appliances; – faucets in the kitchen and bathroom; – soap dispensers; – toilet buttons, toilet seats and other bathroom objects; – thermostats; – remote controls; – different buttons (TV, air conditioning, microwave etc.); – handles and backrests of chairs and deck chairs.
As a valid reason for cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we take into account official travel bans or mandatory quarantine upon arrival into your departure destination. If the cancellation in these conditions is justified, the following conditions apply: – up to 14 days before arrival – full refund – 13 days or less before the arrival date – voucher for the booked apartment, valid for the following 18 months. In case of booking cancellation without border closure or mandatory quarantine upon returning, General Terms and Conditions shall apply to your booking.

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