Interesting festivals in Istria you can visit in October

Date 7. October 2022.

Even though summer is over and the traditional tourist season is coming to an end, interesting festivals are still being held in many Croatian tourist towns. Since the main tourist season is over, the crowds are smaller, which makes this time of the year perfect for getting to know the authentic characteristics of Croatian tourist towns much better. This is also true for Istrian towns where you can also have some fun at various festivals.

The Prickly Days in Žminj (29 September – 9 October)

This traditional cacti and succulent exhibition has been held in the town of Žminj for around ten years, and it always opens on Michaelmas (29 September), when the town traditionally celebrates its patron saint. This interesting exhibition takes place at the old cinema in Žminj, and every year under a different theme. One of the most interesting exhibitions was the one in which cacti were distributed within the frame of a traditional Istrian home, thus giving the visitors an opportunity to learn about traditional Istrian houses. Entrance to this interesting festival is free, and you can find out more about it here.

Istrian Donkey Festival (9 October)

The town of Svetvinčenat has held this festival for a number of years with the goal of preserving the donkey species indigenous to Istria. Around twenty donkey breeders from all over Istria take part in the festival, and the number of visitors rises every year. Take a fun weekend trip and get to know this charming farm animal. Check the details about the event here.

ISAP 2022 (14 – 16 October)

After a two-year break, the town of Tinjan is once again hosting the International Prosciutto Fair where you can taste the best prosciutto Istria can offer, but also sample prosciutto from all over the world. The best prosciuttos are awarded, and the fair champion is also declared, according to points awarded by a jury of experts. In addition to sampling this delicacy at the fair, you can also take part in some sporting events and enjoy concerts of popular music. For more information about the event, check out this website.

Teran and Truffle Festival (22 October)

In the beautiful medieval town of Motovun enjoy the lovely views of the autumnal landscape of the Motovun forest and the Mirna river valley, sample the famous Istrian wine Teran and learn all about the truffle, the hallmark mushroom of contemporary gourmet cuisine. This well-known festival hosts winemakers from all over Istria who make Teran – a red wine of a strong flavour, best paired with prosciutto, cheese and game-based dishes, but also truffle dishes presented at this event. If you want to experience a truly gourmet festival, visit Motovun, and check out the details here.

Exhibition: Čičak Collection (2 September – 9 October)

At the Lapidarium Museum in Novigrad, in September and at the beginning of October, all art lovers have the unique opportunity to see the fascinating Čičak Collection, containing artwork by some great abstract artists of the twentieth century. The exhibition showcases pieces by artists who belonged to the famous EXAT-51 and Gorgona art groups and worked in Zagreb in the fifties and sixties, but also others who worked as independent artists. You can get more details about the collection and the collectors at the Museum website.

Culturally rich, Istria is no less interesting after the official tourist season, so take a weekend trip and experience all the magic of Istrian festivals. And for the best accommodations, check out the Molo Longo website.