The top three most beautiful bike trails in Istria

Date 28. July 2022.

Istria is the perfect destination for all cycling and active vacation enthusiasts because of its diverse offer of bike trails of different types and difficulties. Istria can offer something to every cyclist – from those looking for easier routes suitable for children to even serious athletes in search for bigger challenges. Read on to find out more about three of Istria’s many bike trails that will simply charm you with their scenery.
The Great Brijun trail
The Brijuni National Park offers its visitors a beautiful, well-kept bike trail as well. Although the trail stretches along the coast of the entire island, it’s just a little over 8.1 miles (13 km) long. Along with the limited traffic on the island, this makes this trail especially convenient for recreationists and children. If you choose this trail for your cycling adventure, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the beautiful landscape surrounding it. This trail also has a special curiosity: you can encounter various animals. While cycling along the glades, you’ll probably spot deer and mouflon, and in the Safari park you’re likely to see llamas, zebras and Lanka the elephant. The trail winds through the Ethno park too, in which a typical Istrian homestead, with autochthonous Istrian animal species, is set up. Except for animals, you can also see St. Mary’s early Christian Basilica along the trail, as well as archaeological sites the Byzantine castrum, the temple of Venus and the Roman villa. The trail also features picturesque beaches and coves.
Three millennia of history
On the mainland across the Great Brijun island, there is a trail of medium difficulty which bears an intriguing name: Three millennia of history. It’s 30 miles (49 km) long. The circular trail starts off in Bale, leads to Pula via Vodnjan, and on the way back passes through Fažana, where you can enjoy a spectacular view over the Brijuni archipelago and the Brijuni National Park. In addition to its beautiful nature, you will be able to experience Istria’s rich cultural heritage along the trail as well – from its Roman heritage all the way to the Austro Hungarian. This heritage boasts a lot sights, but some of them stand out more than others. One such sight is the Arena which is two thousand years old. One of the advantages this trail offers is the fact that it is suitable for those cyclists that are a little less fit because there are no hidden difficult parts.
Momjan muscat trail
The Momjan muscat trail will prove itself to be ideal for true adventurers who want to explore the tame inland of Istria. This demanding trail starts and ends in Buje, it includes macadams roads, and it is suitable for more experienced cyclists. Biking along this trail enables you to experience numerous beautiful views of the interior of Istria on one side, and the Slovenian littoral on the other. The green slopes are covered by forests, vineyards, and olive groves whose shade makes cycling more enjoyable. The trail meanders through autochthonous Istrian villages with old stone houses, and it also passes by the remains of a medieval castle whose tower still majestically stands above the landscape. The town Momjan is also situated near the castle. The town is famous for its renown muscat, a white, medium-sweet wine, produced in this area since ancient times, and you can taste this wine in the surrounding wine cellars. During your ride, make sure to look for the sculptures created as part of the international summer school of sculpture in Marušići in the karst landscape.
This list is only a brief introduction to the biking world of Istria, one that you should most certainly explore if you’re interested in sports adventures through the beautiful Istrian landscape. And you can find the perfect headquarters for biking adventures on the website Molo Longo.

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